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Act One A Delicate Balance

Giffnock Theatre Players- April 2017Agnes: Paola De Rosa Tobias: Mark Coleman Claire: Glynis Poole Edna: June Stevenson Harry: Andy Williams Julia: Melanie Wishart Director: Alasdair Hawt...

I recently appeared in...


Twelfth Night, 

playing Sir Toby Belch.

Currently appearing at film festivals in The Robber Girls (written and directed by Robert Howat).

Syphilitic roué

Lord Rodney Rothdon in The Robber Girls

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as The Messenger in

Sacred Birth


Crazy Cat Lady


directed by Colin Healy

Mark Coleman...Stephen

Natalie Clark... Woman

Linda Duncan McLaughlan...Wife

Oaktree Productions

directed by Paul Darroch

An exciting eco-political drama spanning over a decade.

Mark Coleman is Tory councillor 'Findlay Patterson'

Mark's reading of ee cummings' i carry your heart with me for Radio Theatre Group has already had 113,000 listeners.

i carry your heart with me - a poem by e.e. cummings. performed by mark coleman

i carry your heart with me - a poem by e.e. cummings. performed by mark coleman for radio theatre group


directed by Robert Howat (2015)

a 10minute horror film,

with Mark Coleman as The Messenger.

Play following video from 15m 55s- 16m 40s Mark Coleman as Buckfast Delivery Man in Rab C Nesbitt (Episode: Buckfast)

Rab C. Nesbitt. Buckfast. Series 4 Episode 3

Rab and Jamesie take a spiritual visit to the Buckfast Abbey brewery. Starring Gregor Fisher, Elaine C. Smith, Tony Roper, Andrew Fairlie and Barbara Rafferty. Guest appearance by Peter Vaughan.

Acting CV


Rivers The Accrington Pals Eastwood Theatre

Chebutykin Three Sisters, Delerium

Willy Loman Death of a Salesman Cottiers Theatre

Narrator Venus and Adonis: Shakespeare at Large Pat Williams STG

Johnnie Ga-Botz Johnnie Ga-Botz Bruce Downie Radio Theatre Group

Bennett Knox Hartland Marcus Roche One Academy (UK tour)

Marcus Titus Andronicus Marc Silberschatz Bard in the Botanics

Leontes The Winter’s Tale Gordon Barr One Academy (tour)

Angelo Measure for Measure (scenes) Trevor Rawlins Shakespeare’s Globe

The Green Man Inside Out Charlotte Allan E. Renfrewshire Council

Stomil Tango Marta Mari STG

Prospero TheTempest Maggie Lovell STG

Lear KingLear Peter Lamb Ramshorn Theatre

Theseus A MidsummerNight’sDream Keiran Gillespie Collusion

Spooner NoMan’sLand Peter Lamb Ramshorn Theatre

Pedagogus Electra Shona McKee Collectives/ STG

George Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?John Gilmour STG

Larry Closer Peter Mackie Burns Theatre Fusion (tour)

Shylock The Merchant of Venice Colin Ellwood Opening Acts (TIE tour)

Cassius Julius Caesar Colin Ellwood Opening Acts (TIE tour)

Juror #3 12 Angry Men Tom Gemmell Theatre Fusion (tour)

Robert Betrayal Michael Emans Rapture (tour)

Suit WorkIn Frank Miller Cran/ Citizens Theatre

Player Rosencrantz &Guildenstern Aaron Paterson Factional Theatre

Moss Glengarry Glen Ross Douglas Brice Theatre Fusion (tour)

Sam Awake and Sing! Lou Stein Watford Palace

Film & TV

Stephen Crazy Cat Lady Colin Healy Q-Fusion Films Messenger Sacred Birth directed by Robert Howatt

Finlay Good Intentions Paul Darroch Oaktree Productions

Edward The Water is Wide Paul Denver Water is Wide Films

Andrew Behind Closed Doors Gerard Sampaio BBC

Backpacker Backpacker Gillian Ross RSAMD

HG Wells Breaking History Ross Harper Discovery Channel

Johnny B High Road Marc Ryan STV

Butler Savage Play Alan Lindsay Pony Productions

Beige The Great Breakfast Race Mark Ash Scottish Screen


Panto Dame His Majesty’s Aberdeen David Council

Fitter Kwik-Fit ‘Bells’, ‘Tyres’, ’Magnet’ Picardy

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