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I recently finished directing...

Quartermaine's Terms

Giffnock Theatre Players present QUARTERMAINE'S TERMS by Simon GrayDirector Mark Coleman talking about GTP's production at Eastwood Park Theatre, E. Renfrewshire 25th-28th January 2017


by William Shakespeare




Eastwood Park Theatre, Glasgow for Giffnock Theatre Players

King Duncan rules Scotland. Macbeth is one of his Generals, admired by the King for his courage and abilities - his future is looking bright. But when Macbeth is sought out by three witches who enticingly prophesy he will inherit Duncan's throne and become King of Scotland, Macbeth is spiralled into a bloody chain of events - murder, a greedy rise to power, guilt, madness, and ultimately a tragic fall to defeat.


Glasgow Quakers for Scottish Refugee week 2014

Voices From Beyond the Dark

by Ariel Dorfman





for Strathclyde Theatre Group Robert Fagles translation of Sophocles'


by Sophocles

(photos by Gavin McQueen)

November 2013

directed by Mark Coleman

Both eternal and timely, ancient and modern, the 2500-year-old Antigone is about the very same political and ethical struggles we face in the world right now.

Mark Coleman bold new production sets Sophocles’ tragedy in a radical Islamist state.

"Any concerns about the change of context were amply dispelled by the touching and delicate handling of not only Mark Coleman's direction but also his apt and sparse Set Design which makes the words and universal warnings that have made Sophocles words so relevant for nearly three millennia centre stage as they should be." Tariq Kataria


"Antigone doesn’t disappoint. There are many long, passionate speeches in this play, nicely contrasted by the constant movement and rhythmic group storytelling of the chorus. A bumbling Sentry and bejeweled prophet also bring some comic lightness to the overall tragedy. All the cast wear the long, loose clothes and headscarves of the Middle East. This, along with the plain set and sandy floor gives a stark desert backdrop to the story. The chorus, with their white-painted faces and sand-coloured clothes, become part of the landscape and the relentless waves of fate moving in on the King.Creon was convincingly complex. Initially calmly confident in his position, he increasingly beats back good counsel and warnings of disaster with agitated rage, causing events to spiral into inevitable tragedy for everyone. His eventual howling grief and humility come far too late.Running for two hours with no interval, this production holds the attention from start to finish. Human nature hasn’t changed over millennia, and the clashes between the characters stick in the mind long after the play has finished." Elizabeth Holland


by William Shakespeare



Coriolanus by William Shakespeare is a Strathclyde Theatre Group production in association with The Royal Shakespeare Company Open StagesDirector -- Mark ColemanProduction Manager -- Bruce Downi...

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare. Coriolanus and Aufidius fight scene

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare. Coriolanus (Nick Jones) Aufidius (Greig Taylor)Coriolanus by William Shakespeare. Directed by Mark Coleman for Strathclyde Theatre Group. 3rd July 2012, Cottiers...


AFTER THE DANCE by Terrence Rattigan (2012)

After the Dance -end of act one



Coleman's interpretation and handling of both characters and plot contributed greatly to presenting this dated piece of drama as living theatre - utilising every strength of his large cast. The more I write about this evening at the theatre, the more I realise that Mr Coleman and GTP should be immensely proud of their achievements; it is because of them that the evening works."

LOVERS by Brian Friel

LOVERS: Losers Brian Friel.wmv

Brian Friel's "Lovers (Losers)" for Giffnock Theatre Players at the Eastwood Park Theatre. October 2011. Directed by Mark ColemanAndy (Jack Hodes); Hannah (Helen Lamarra)




with DOP Paul Darroch



by Joseph Kesselring


April 2013


Eastwood Theatre, Giffnock Theatre Players

"Mr Coleman's interpretation and handling of both characters and plot contributed greatly to presenting this dated piece of drama as living theatre - utilising every strength of his large cast. The more I write about this evening at the theatre, the more I realise that Mr Coleman and GTP should be immensely proud of their achievements; it is because of them that the evening works."


'The Crucible' (Arthur Miller)

Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow

"Arthur Miller's brilliant scenario was consistently sustained in this hugely worthwhile production. Director Mark Coleman was right to keep things simple. The simplicity heightened the drama, which was acted out with great power and feeling" **** The Mail on Sunday

"Absolute genius... Brilliant." ****StrathclydeTelegraph


'A Hard Heart' (Howard Barker)

Strathclyde Theatre Group

"Much of the power of Howard Barker's self-defined 'theatre of catastrophe' can be felt in this fine production of an extraordinary play. Director Mark Coleman exhibits a tremendous grasp of the beautiful austerity of Barker's writing, enabling us to feel the full tragic impact of the drama even as the playwright's political and philosophical conundrums explode inside our minds... Ultimately one leaves the theatre feeling that one has been in contact with truly great tragic theatre. That is something which many of Scotland's professional companies would struggle to achieve."

Mark Brown Edinburgh Guide


'Tally's Blood' (Ann Marie di Mambro)

Strathclyde Theatre Group

"I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your production... I can't tell you how much it moved me to see it performed and directed so beautifully."

Email from playwright Ann Marie di Mambro

On the set of Tally's Blood


'Lovers~ Winners & Losers' (Brian Friel) GTP at Eastwood Park Theatre, Glasgow

"'Lovers' at The Giffnock Theatre directed by Mark Coleman was fabulous in its sophisticated simplicity. The narration helped to tell the story of Mag and Joe with such clarity and originality that I was hooked on the very first word. Jennifer and Sam were brilliant as the two tragic but engaging young Lovers. Well done and congratulations to all who took part in this wonderful production."

Nobillisima Femina                  Cornerstone Festival, 1999

Reel Life                                   NSCO at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, 2002

The Crucible                             Ramshorn Theatre STG, 2003

Awake and Sing!                      Ramshorn Theatre STG, 2004

Timon of Athens                      Ramshorn Theatre STG, 2005

A Hard Heart                            Ramshorn Theatre STG, 2006

Anna Karenina                         Razed Curtain/ STG, 2007

Macbeth                                    Shakespeare Schools Festival, 2007

Tally's Blood                            Ramshorn Theatre, 2008

The House of Bernarda Alba    Eastwood Theatre, 2009

Lost in Yonkers                        Giffnock Theatre Players, 2011

Missing/ Backbone                  Ugly Pup, Tron Theatre, 2011

Lovers (Winners & Losers)      Eastwood Park Theatre, 2011

2h:9m:37s                                S mall-scale tour 2011-12

After the Dance                         Eastwood Park Theatre, 2012

Coriolanus                                STG, Cottiers Theatre, 2012

Arsenic and Old Lace                GTP, Eastwood ParkTheatre, 2013

Antigone                                   Strathclyde Theatre Group, Cottiers Theatre, 2013
Macbeth                                   GTP, Eastwood ParkTheatre, 2013
Speak Truth to Power              Refugee RSS Theatre, 2014
The Man Who Ate the Sun       Mach One, Websters Theatre, 2015
Cracked Tiles                           Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017 &2018                         

Quartermaine's Terms             GTP, Eastwood Park Theatre, 2017
Popstars the 90s Musical        Calderside Academy, school show 2018
Love Letters                             DRC Productions 2019

Tally's Bloodby Ann Marie di Mambro

Massimo's monologue.webm

Massimo's monologue.webm

Lovers titles

GTP; Oct 2011

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